Five tricks for iPhone that will surprise you

Next June 29 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, Apple’s first generation phone. That smartphone that came without 3G, which did not allow copying and pasting documents and did not yet have an application market was the starting point of one of the company’s most important (and profitable) stories of bite apple. Seven generations later, iPhone has so many functions that many of them do not know or exist or are directly hidden or difficult to access . For that we are: six tricks for iPhone that will surprise you .


Scroll to the top of the page

If you are reviewing the current day of the electronic journals, for example, you have met more than once with an endless scroll to the bottom of the page , either in own home or in an article. To return to the top of the page, the most common thing is to move up as fast as we can. And in some pages, especially if they have a lot of publicity or images, can be a rather annoying process .

Well, there is a much quicker and easier way to get to the top of the page and it is just to press the top menu of your screen . Yes, where your phone company appears, the coverage of your terminal and the battery that you have, among other things. It works in Safari, but also in other browsers and in most applications.

Retrieve a closed page

You navigate, open a tab, from there you go to another, close an earlier, navigate for a while … and when you realize, you have closed that article that you were so interested. Do not suffer: Safari allows you to retrieve a closed page . Just hold the “+” button inside the browser and it will give you access to all the pages you have recently closed. Click on the one you want to recover and ready. Warning: does not work if you use private browsing .

Load desktop version

Most of the more or less modern pages have a mobile version that fits the dimensions of the smartphone . However, there are some pages that in that transition from desktop to mobile version lose information or, simply, have a design that we do not like . To load the desktop version of a web page, simply press and hold the refresh button inside the browser’s address bar, which will enable the “desktop version” option .

This function can also be accessed by clicking on the middle button of the lower menu , represented by an arrow that comes out of a square. Among the options in the bottom bar, in addition to “look on the page” or “add to home screen”, there is also the “desktop version”.


Shake to undo

Many of the native iPhone apps, such as Notes, Messages or Safari , have a curious hidden trick. To completely delete a written text does not need to press until there is no trace, just shake the iPhone several times and it will tell us if we want to undo the text. By the way, this feature can be disabled from “Settings> General> Accessibility> Shake to Undo” .

Take a photo while recording a video

Yes, you can take a picture while a video is being recorded . And yes, you can do it from the camera of the iPhone itself, without the need for external applications. When you start recording a video, note that at the bottom left of the screen, next to the red circle of recording appears a smaller one of white color. That’s the photo trigger .


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