How to create the best playlists in Spotify

Spotify is a fantastic program to listen to our favorite music, but also to discover new groups and to keep up with what sounds more out there . A few months ago we present some tricks to take advantage of the application , a set of tools that Spotify puts within our reach to express its full potential. However, we talk mainly about the continent and not so much about the content . We know there is an option to retrieve a playlist that we deleted, or how to re-listen to the song that sounded yesterday and we both liked it, but we did not stop to learn how you can create a great list of Spotify or at least a list That suits like a glove to our musical tastes.

Search your loft

Spotify takes control of all the music you listen to and knows you very well, almost better than yourself. That’s why it’s able to generate special playlists for you based on all the songs you’ve been listening to lately. You can access them in “Your Daily Mix” , in the “Your Music” section of the menu on the left. There you will find, grouped by genre, songs that you have been listening to in recent weeks, but above all new topics from similar groups that may also interest you. You can also investigate updates adapted to your style if you go to “Browse> Discover> Weekly Discovery”.

In addition, for older users of the application, Spotify generates at the end of each year a list of the 100 songs you have listened to most . It is quite likely that there are some of the most important songs of your life, or at least of your life during the previous months. It can be a great starting point for creating your definitiveplaylist .

Do not even think about it: steal!

No matter how polished Spotify’s suggestion algorithm is, no matter how good a memory we have and how much our musical tastes are well defined, there is too much music to have it all controlled. So, wherever you do not get it, surely someone has already arrived, probably someone from the Spotify team intended to create musical lists. Do not even think about it, steal playlists . Or, at least, get inspired in lists of other authors to better define yours. A good place to start sniffing is , an exceptional database of Spotify lists from which you can get gold.

Two better than one

It is not the best option if you are creating a personal list, but if you are setting up, for example, the definitive list to brighten San Juan night, Spotify has the option of making collaborative lists . It is as simple as creating the list, right-clicking on it and selecting the “Collaborative Playlist” option . Then, right click on the list again and press the “Share” option , from where we will decide with which users we want to assemble the list.

Mobile, your best ally

The best songs are not always waiting on lists of other authors or recommendations, sometimes sound when entering a store or when you are having a coffee in a bar. If you know the song, do not wait a second and add it to your definitive playlist from the mobile : just look for it, press the three points (suspensive) next to it and click on “add to playlist” . If you do not know her, it does not matter: look for her with Shazam , find her title and bring her to your list.


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