Install applications in group

This application is recurrent in any technology forum, and is that has saved the day to many computer professionals.

Especially when you have to dedicate time to install many machines and install in each of them the same software.

At most, you download all the software, you put it together on a pendrive or similar, and you are installing from there, right?

Well, no.

Ninite is a web service that allows you to choose from more than 80 applications:

  • Browsers
  • Thread Tools
  • Video and audio applications
  • Editing images
  • Documents
  • Security
  • Cloud storage
  • Etc…

And what is it?

As simple as choosing which applications you want, you are marking … one after another, and when you finish, click the Get Your Ninite button .


Yes, all those are the applications you can choose to form your installer!

And when you press the …

It will generate an installer that contains all the software you have chosen. As simple as that.

And so, just by running an installer, you can have all the applications you need at once.

In my case I have just chosen OpenOffice and Paint.NET to do the sample. As you can see, with double click, the installation starts, downloading always updated versions of the software we have chosen and … ready!


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