How to make a garden with little money

Having a nice garden may seem complicated and expensive but if you follow the next steps you will see that it is something you can do with little money . Do the project design and creation of your garden. Divide the project of your garden into phases so that you can go slowly by creating the garden of your dreams. Consider consulting a landscaper and getting his opinion, albeit on a How to find some tips on how to make a garden with little money.

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Replant your own cuttings

To be able to make a garden with little money we must take into account that to fill it of plants can be very expensive thing. For this reason, we recommend that instead of buying new plants in gardens or florists, ask your buds or cuttings to your friends so that they can be planted in one of your pots or in the soil of your garden. With this, you will get the plant to grow without having to invest even a single penny.

Another option that you can carry out is that if, for example, you already have plants in the garden, instead of buying a new one you can reproduce the ones you already have. How? Cutting cuttings of your plants and plant them in another place or pot, this way, you will get more green in your garden without costing you anything.

In a How we tell you how to plant cuttings so you know the process to make new plants sprout from one that is already in your garden.

Perennial plants to avoid spending more

If you want to choose to buy plants to fill your garden green and vegetation, we recommend that if you want to make a garden with little money buy the plants that are perennial because, this way, you will get them in perfect condition throughout the year and You will reduce an annual fixed expense.

Plants that are deciduous, die at certain seasons of the year and, therefore, this involves a replacement work that can be quite expensive. To reduce the budget you simply have to opt for these other varieties that will be in perfect condition throughout the year, yes, if you give them the care they require.

Decorate the pots by hand

Another good idea to be able to decorate your garden with little money is that you incorporate some colorful in your furniture or pots . The exterior is always more pleasant if it has bright and colorful tones, so a good idea is that the simple pots have the decorations with colors, drawings or phrases that give a personal touch to the space.

The color can also be incorporated into your furniture and, for example, painting the table legs, the back of the chairs, and so on. Adding a little color to your garden will renew its essence and give a more cheerful and suitable for the outdoors.

In a How we give you some tips so you know how to decorate pots in an original and surprising way.

Original and Cheap Ideas for Decorating the Garden

If you have a large garden and grass, a good idea to be able to decorate is to incorporate stones or rocks on the outside and create a nice way. For example, you can delimit an area of ​​the garden to create yourself a path that you can do with a cluster of river stones, rocks, and so on. You only have to go to the park of your city or some natural place and take different stones to create your way.

If you live near the sea, there is nothing better than filling you with pechinas or shells to create a path totally adapted to the locality where you live.

Decorate with recycled material

To make a garden with little money is also essential that you move to the recycled decoration , that is, you use objects that no longer have use and adapt them to a new space to fulfill an aesthetic or functional. Thus, an old and useless ladder can become a perfect shelf in which to place your plants in a staggered way, as well as other decorative elements such as candles, figures, and so on.

If your ladder looks too old, we recommend you give it a coat of paint to give it a new look and feel new; But, calm because the old is fashionable since the vintage fashion is one of the maximum tendencies in the current decoration.

In this other article of a How we give you more ideas to decorate gardens with recycled material .

Reuse tires

Something that is also very fashionable today is the decoration with tires or tires . It is that you take advantage of that car wheel that no longer serves to give you a new use in your garden and be able to turn it into a table, a swing or pretty pots to store your garden plants.

To give a more fun and cheerful touch, it is best to decorate with paint and, for example, you can draw borders, moles, write sentences, and so on.

In this other article of a How we give different ideas to recycle tires and that you get a garden decorated with little money.

Cans, perfect for your garden

The cans are also a perfect ally to be able to make a garden with little money. Why? Because you can give it multiple decorative uses and that they become original pots of your plants or, also, in garden lights perfect to set your summer dinners.

To make these lights you will have to collect the cans of food, clean them and put them in the freezer. Yes, yes: to the freezer! This is done because it is much easier to pierce them when they are frozen. The idea is that you make a design in the cans and, when you insert the candle inside, the light that will give will be precious.

If you want to know the step by step of this manual, we recommend to consult our article about making garden lights with cans .

Garden furniture with pallets

And if you do not want to invest money in your garden furniture, be quiet! Currently there is a new fashion that is made with pallets as they are ideal to be able to manufacture furniture perfect for the exterior. For example, you can make your garden table is made with one of these materials or, also, create a very comfortable sofa with pallets. There are multiple ways to recycle them and create from practical furniture to spaces decorated with great taste.



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