How to clean dust from computer

How to Clean a Computer Dust and waste are the worst enemies on your computer. As the amount of dust grows, covering the fans and components, it becomes increasingly difficult for your computer to breathe and maintain at the right temperature. This involves a lot of effort for your hardware and causes a reduction in the life [...]


How to make a garden with little money

Having a nice garden may seem complicated and expensive but if you follow the next steps you will see that it is something you can do with little money . Do the project design and creation of your garden. Divide the project of your garden into phases so that you can go slowly by creating [...]

Five tricks for iPhone that will surprise you

Next June 29 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, Apple's first generation phone. That smartphone that came without 3G, which did not allow copying and pasting documents and did not yet have an application market was the starting point of one of the company's most important (and profitable) stories of bite [...]