Video Converters

Free and with several to choose from


In a Telegram channel of help of Windows users someone asked this afternoon for some program with which to reduce the size of a very large video.

One of the suggestions they made was: Upload the video to YouTube, and download it from there.


Let’s see, being realistic … IS an option.

But it’s far from optimal.

For me, the ideal option is that you use one of the following video converters for your PC.

That way, you can adjust the output format, quality and, therefore, the resulting size.



From Handbrake we spoke not long ago, and not for good reasons .

Aside from the unpleasant incident with the Trojan in its version for Mac (which is already fully solved), Handbrake has been proving to be one of the best video encoders available, and now that it is available on PC deserves to be tested.

Do not think that this is a program for all audiences, as it has advanced features that will make users more novices in video issues can be difficult to approach.


Free HD Video Converter

From a complex program like Handbrake , to a supermegaultra simple to use as it is.

In fact, it is so simple according to its creators, that they mark the bacilada to publish in its web a guide of use of TEN SECONDS that consists of three steps:

  1. Add videos or audios from your computer or download them from YouTube or similar.
  2. Choose output format among the 150 available.
  3. Press Run to start.

As you can see, you will have no problem getting on with it immediately.


A great favorite of many people, easy to use and with enough options for all needs.

Of course, a warning from now: Eye with the installation, and nothing from next-next-next, which can sneak some unwanted program.

Apart from that, a great option.

Many output formats, filters for videos, trim option, etc., etc.


Freemake Video Converter

The one that surely is the option most used by all, Freemake has been offering its product for free for years and also working very well .

As with Any Video Converter , you must make sure to do the Custom installation, as a way of subsisting you will try to paste some program that can be quite annoying. Be careful in the installation, and you will have no problem.

I do not know how many times I have downloaded this program on different computers, and the result is always perfect.

Easy to use, allows you to cut out fragments, modify and add subtitles, etc., etc.


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